Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Re-Line Your Car Interior

I never thought of re-lining of my car interior before, but I love the idea! Go here for the step-by-step.


Nicole said...

I have seen this before. Would you believe that underneath that patterned fabric is severely damaged upholstery? Yes. The incredible guy just made use of his creative skills to fix his daughter’s car door by himself and with some assistance, of course. =) It’s amazing how the door turned out, eh?

Nicole Vickers

Nettie Christensen said...

Re-lining your car’s interior is definitely a fun and easy way of reinventing the look of your car. However, don’t forget to vacuum it also to prevent it from accumulating dust or dirt. It might result in the buildup of foul smell and even induce allergy attacks among those riding the vehicle.

Nettie Christensen