Wednesday, 25 November 2009

THE Christmas Gift Guide

(Cookie gift tag from here)
I know that finding a gift to suit and please every recipient is very very difficult, and it is sometimes hard to find inspiration in the chaos and panic - but never fear, Fern (the queen of the comprehensive OCD list) am here!
The websites listed below have a wide range of gift ideas, from mass produced to handmade, and from cheap stocking fillers to expensive one-offs. Some even have a mini quiz so that they can find those products best suited (give me an ooooooh!):

My Gift Links
Etsy Gift Guides
Gift Finder
Moma Store Gift Ideas
Amazon Gift Guide Gift List
Gift Search
Presents for Mum
Indie Gifts
Gift Generator
Cool Products List
Your Next Gift
Green Gift Guide
Unusual Products
Gifts to Make Yourself
Eco Gifts A-Z
Easy Homemade Presents
Manly Gift Guide
Wrapables Holiday Guide
Design*Sponge Product Guides
Indie Collective Shopping Guide
Indie Parade Gift Search

(This LED motherboard Christmas tree is right up my street - from Think Geek)
And for specific gift ideas which I love, have a browse through these (mainly men's gifts):
Shoe Shine Kit
The Man Can
Light Up Slippers
Pop Art Toaster
Wall Fish Bowl
Unusual Manly Candles
Snow Globe Cookies

For more general ideas, see my own here:
For Guys: CDs, playstation/games console games, DVDs, TV series on DVD, compilation CD, cake, biscuits, compass, SatNav, walking stick, fishing tripod chair, cufflinks/watch, tankard, mug, whisky flask, hamper, alcohol, wallet, man bag, hand embroidered tie, journal, hat, t-shirts/underwear/socks/hoodies, BBQ apron, hand printed shirt, pillow, paper/file organiser, clock, gadget, soap, photo frame, aftershave, survival/adventure kit, swiss army knife, punch bag, sporting/hobby equipment, sport/hobby themed gifts, gloves (driving/leather), scarf, shaving kit, novelty USB stick, laptop case, BBQ accessories, corkscrew, high tech lighter, stylish fountain pen, computer game, board/family game

For Gals: Magazine subscription, cake/chocolates, flowers, wall decals, cuddly toy/pillow, underwear, watch, (alarm) clock, jewellery, piggy bank, DVD (box set), books, proper fountain pen, journal, stationary, perfume, soap/body scrub/anything from Lush!, lamp, bookmark, gift voucher for her favourite shop, pre-paid beauty treatment, pampering products.

Hope you enjoyed the lists!

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Lindsey said...

This really gets me thinking about holiday shopping! Thanks so much for the very informative post :)
Happy Thanksgiving!