Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Polite Car Signals

Click here for a fantastic project which produces two illuminated signs - 'Thanks' and 'Sorry' - for putting in the back of your car! I love this idea, because I feel quite rude ignoring people who have just let me out in front of them, or for just stalling in front of people at traffic lights (I've only driven twice so the latter happens alot!)


Angela said...

Funny! I have always told my husband I would like a horn with different for "Hi" one for "the light just turned green" and one for "get the heck out of the way you crazy driver"

Barbara Jean said...

This gave me a great idea!

We need a lighted open sign for the store window. I did not want one of those bright colored neon signs with all the tubing in the window, but i think a simpler version of this, words cut out of a wood box with a light bulb in it might work great!!

thanks for the neat ideas here!

barbara jean

Crafter-holic said...

Glad you found it useful!