Friday 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I've been watching a lot of montages and reviews of 2009 and the entire last decade, and it's quite amazing what can happen and change in 10 years - I mean I was 12 a decade ago! There's the recession, 9/11, Barrack Obama, the Olympics to name a few few, plus some amazing new TV shows (I'm a bit of a TV junkie) including several series of my favourite shows Strictly Come Dancing and The Apprentice, plus so many inventions like iphones and broadband.

11 years ago, I got internet for the first time, plus my Nokia 3210 mobile phone with 'Snake' was considered cool! Hard to believe really, and now I can't wait to see what is new in the next 10 years - I'm personally holding out for a teleporter and personal jetpack, but I'd settle for a realistic games console and lightning quick internet :-)
It turns out I only fulfilled about 1.5 out of 4 new years resolutions from last year (including opening my own business), but I'm quite pleased really. This year my goals are:
a) Get upto 300 blog followers
b) Make my business successful, make a living from it, and save enough to have a 3 month dream holiday in New Zealand next year (and enough for a tattoo too).
c) Learn new jewellery techniques and establish a set line of jewellery pieces.
d) Learn to sketch, draw and watercolour paint, especially people (I can currently do only stick people!) Keep a journal and draw at least 5 pages a week, every week. This is so I will be able to find it easier to keep a journal when I go travelling. I must remember to keep lot of paper ephemera too.
e) Learn tatting, weaving, crochet, screenprinting, embroidery plus other crafts I like the look of :-)
f) Dress better, and take some outfit photos.
g) Focus on photography - of my jewellery, plus of travels, and also learn techniques such as TtV and bokeh.
h) Lose a stone in weight by getting fitter - before April.
i) Plan the plot for a book.
j) Buy the art supplies and books I have on my wish list.
k) Learn to sew clothes from patterns, and learn to re-line jackets. Sew a bag.
l) Create my own pattern for a sewing kit, or template for a card mechanism.
m) Make about 25 more t-shirt designs for my Cafepress shop.
n) Follow some tutorials on Crafterholic which are on my to-do list, including wire sculptures and paper mache boats and cute mobiles.
And I'll review what I actually do at the end of the year lol
So what are your resolutions? Did you keep your resolutions from last year?

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