Saturday, 20 March 2010

Take Better Photos

The following links give advice and tips on taking better photos of small products.

They are especially helpful for Etsy and Ebay selling, plus there are many how-to's for photography aids like lightboxes too:

How To Take Better Pictures
Tips and lightbox instructions.
Photo Studio How-To
Make a cheap photography set up.
Take Better Photos
Tips on lighting, background and other areas.
Make a Lightbox
How to make a lightbox.
Foldaway Lightbox
Tutorial on how to make an interlocking lightbox.
Photography Tips
A number of different links to photo advice.
DIY Photo Lighting Hacks
Things you can make and use instead of expensive equipment.
Inspirational Photographs
Examples of backgrounds and compositions of jewellery products.
DIY Light Umbrella
Using a cheap umbrella and white paint.

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Cara Jane (surfingcat) said...

Thanks for that, there are some really interesting links there. Off to read more.