Thursday, 22 July 2010

Draw, Draw, Draw!

Source: The Storybird Blog.
I've recently got into drawing in a sketchbook, and it's a lot of fun and very satisfying, so I thought I'd write this page to inspire other people to take up drawing too.

I never gave drawing a go before because I always thought I was terrible at it, but I've realised now that not being any good doesn't matter - so even if you think you have no time or skill, just start doing quick little doodles or sketches before you go to sleep and soon enough you'll have a sketchbook full!

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Ona said...

Looking for some inspiration I found this post, and what a wonderful surprise! I'm a crafting lover too, and I really enjoyed visiting your blog, and now following you!
Just say great job, and thank's for this post.... you got it, you've inspired me! ;-)
I'm starting my own blog, just few draws, crafts, pics and always a quote, I hope to see you there sometime! :D