Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tuscany Photos

These two photos are my favourites from all of my (over 1200) photos taken in Tuscany, Italy, last month - I got a bit snap happy with the cathedrals especially, and there were a LOT of cathedrals!

If you'd like to take a look, I've whittled the photos down to merely 355 (!) and they can be viewed here. They are in the order I took them on my holiday, and the descriptions tell you the place so you can follow along on my journey :-) I hope you enjoy them!


Carol B said...

thank you for your generosity in organising posts even while you were away.
hope you and your family are refreshed, as I'm sure you enjoyed your time together.
as soon as i have the time i will be popping over to the link to see the other pics, thanks.
(PS I'm in south africa and travelling to Italy will always just be a dream for me) :-)

Susan said...

What nice photos. Coincidentally, I just returned from Italy...the Tuscany area. I had taken not quite as many photos as you! And out of over 500 I chose 7 of my favorites in Tuscany.

There is something about Italy that just makes us camera trigger happy!