Tuesday 13 September 2011

DIY Birdbath

Create your own sturdy bird bath by using sand to cast cement into a leaf shape. Go here for instructions.


Anonymous said...

I'm a birder...love to watch them and feed them. I had a beautiful birdbath made from cement in my front yard. The nextdoor neighbour didn't like that it always had a little water in it (duh it's a freakin' birdbath) thought it was a breeding ground for skeeters. In the night she would sneak over and turn it upside down and I'd right it the next day. This went on for several days until one night when I wasn't watching she snuck over and smashed it to the ground! You can imagine my reaction. I went out, got a new one and cemented it in place so she couldn't lift it. My neighbours is a witch.

Crafter-holic said...

Hahahaaa that made me laugh, great story! I'm glad I've got nice neighbours :-)